The mission of the Cooperative & Experiential Education Division (CEED) of the American Society for Engineering Education is to promote and support high quality cooperative education, internship, and experiential education programs.

The Division is committed to primary service in engineering and engineering technology but also recognizes that it has a leadership responsibility for the qualitative development of cooperative education, internships, and experiential education wherever they are practiced. Important dimensions of this mission include standards in the field; training, research, dissemination of knowledge; collaboration with other organizations in the field; innovation in practices; and recognition of outstanding service contributions. In carrying out its mission, the Division is committed to preserving its tradition of fostering positive relationships and interactions between colleges and employers. It encourages a level of participation in all activities reflective of the diversity of the practitioners and those they serve.

The Division is an organization focused on the general welfare of the cooperative education, internships, and experiential education community. It has an inherent duty to influence corporate, academic, and government sectors; encourage the development of policies that enhance and further recognize the educational richness of the workplace plan of integrated education; and preserve the structures essential to program viability.

As a member unit of the American Society for Engineering Education, the Division is further committed to supporting the mission and activities of the Society as defined in article 1, Section 2 of the ASEE Constitution.