The Clement J. Freund Award

The American Society for Engineering Education presents the Clement J. Freund Award biennially at their summer meeting. It is conferred upon an individual for outstanding contributions to the aims and ideals of cooperative education. The award consists of a plaque, a framed certificate, an honorarium of $2,000, and travel expenses to the ASEE conference.

ASEE :: Clement J. Freund Awards Page

Here is a list of past recipients:

2019Patricia Bazrod
2015William D. Taylor
2013Ken Porteous
2011Helen Oloroso
2009Brenda LeMaster
2007Les Leone
2006Not Presented
2005Mike Mathews
2004Not Presented
2003Thomas M. Akins
2002Not Presented
2001Louis Takacs
2000Not Presented
1999Mary Jo Fairbanks
1998Not Presented
1997Jack E. LeMay
1996Not Presented
1995E. Sam Sovilla
1994Not Presented
1993Donald W. Lyon
1992William T. Padgett
1991Luther B. Epting
1990R. Neal Houze
1989Donald R. Burrowbridge
1988Elizabeth M. Corlew
1987David R. Opperman
1986Robert L. Heyborne
1985Roy L. Woolridge
1984Donald C. Hunt
1983Frank Vandegrift
1982Stewart B. Collins
1981James G. Wohlford
1980Cornelius Wandmacher
1979Clement J. Freund