The CEED/ASEE may present one award every other year to Division members (past or present) who have made sustained, honorable and meritorious contributions to the promotion of the philosophy and practice of cooperative education in engineering and technology. Instituted in 1979, this award honors Alvah K. Borman, Dean of Graduate Placement Services, Northeastern University, for his numerous outstanding contributions to engineering cooperative education over many years, including the founding and editorship of the CEED Newsbrief from 1969 until his death ten years later.


The award is a framed certificate and a plaque. There is also a $750.00 honorarium. It is presented at the Awards Banquet at the annual CIEC.


Nominees for the award must be active members of CEED/ASEE or have been members during their professional lives. Individuals nominated should have made outstanding contributions to the advancement of Engineering Cooperative Education over a significant period of time as evidenced by leadership positions held in the Division, publications in the cooperative education field, or other significant and related activities. This includes, but is not limited to, contributions to CEED, universities, and Industry. Attendance at the CEED Awards Banquet to receive the award in-person is required, unless extenuating circumstances are present.


Nominators must be active members of CEED/ASEE or have been members during their professional lives. Nominations shall be considered solely on the basis of information submitted by the nominator. The nomination process is now online.

This award requires submissions from 2 nominators for each nominee. If you selected a nominee, please identify an additional nominator who will complete the second nomination submission.  


The CEED/ASEE Awards Selection Committee will review all nominations and select the recipient of this award. If the committee judges that none of the nominees are deserving of the award, the committee reserves the right to make no selection. One award shall be made in any one-year and the award is only available every other year. Nominations with committee recommendations will be submitted to the Executive Board of CEED/ASEE, which shall approve the awards.

Nomination Form Questions

Each nominator will need to submit an online form answering the following questions:

  • Please provide the length of time the nominee has been involved with an internship or co-op program.
  • What was the role or responsibility of the nominee?
  • What outstanding contributions has the nominee made in advancing Engineering Cooperative Education? (Please answer in 500 words or less.)
  • What strides have the nominee made to improve/enhance CEED, universities, and industry? (Please answer in 500 words or less.)
  • Please upload a file with up to 2 examples/evidence of publications or significant related activities. If you prefer to submit links instead of uploading a file, there will be an option to add the links on the form.