Borman Award (Professional)

The Alvah K. Borman Award

This award honors Alvah K. Borman, Dean of Graduate Placement Services, Northeastern University, for his numerous outstanding contributions to engineering cooperative education over many years, including the founding and editorship of the CEED Newsbriefs from 1969 until his death ten years later.

The Division allows for the presentation of one award every other year to Division members, past or present, who have made sustained, honorable, and meritorious contributions to the promotion of the philosophy and the practice of cooperative education in engineering an/or engineering technology.

Nominations are made in the fall of each year, with the award being presented at the mid-winter meeting of the CIEC. The award consists of a $750 honorarium, a plaque, and a certificate of achievement.

Award Guidelines

List of Past Winners


Alvah K. Borman Nomination Form

Deadline for submitting your nomination is:

The Alvah K. Borman award is not being offered for the 2020 CIEC conference.



Submit no more than one additional page describing the contributions of the nominee to the field of engineering cooperative education. You may also attach supporting letters.


1. Nominators must be active members of CEED/ASEE or have been members during their professional lives.

2. No member may nominate himself, a family member, or a superior or a subordinate in his/her organization.

3. No member of the Borman Award Selection Committee can nominate a candidate. The nomination form must be completed and submitted to the Chairman of the CEED/ASEE Awards Committee by the announced deadline.

4. Submit nomination form BELOW

5. Email supporting documents to ...

Maureen Schomaker
Associate Professor
Cincinnati, OH
University of Cincinnati
Division of Experience Based Learning and Career Education
830 Steger Student Life Center – ML 0115
Cincinnati, OH 45221

Alvah K. Borman Nomination Submission Form

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