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Meet Our 2014 CEED Award Winners!

Howard Wang
Co-op of the Year Award Winner

Steven Zusack
Intern of the Year Award Winner

Kimberly Demko
Lou Takacs Award Winner

Louise T. Carrese
Alvah K. Borman Award Winner

Roy Gregg
Alvah K. Borman Award Winner

What's New ....

  • See the Benefits of Becoming a CEED Member! (Adobe PDF file)
  • The CEED Directory is now available as a free download! Click HERE to view the directory or download a high quality Adobe PDF (6.12MB) that can be printed very easily.
  • View our 2014 CEED Award Program HERE (Adobe PDF file)
  • Take a look at some of the wonderful presentations that were presented at this year's American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) conference (Click Title to View):

1.) Internships and Undergraduate Research: Impact, Support, and Institutionalization
(Adobe PDF file)
Presenter: Lisa Massi, Ed. D.

2.) The Effect of Cooperative Education, Contextual Support, and Self-Efficacy on the Retention of Undergraduate Engineering Students (Adobe PDF file)
Presenters: Joseph Raelin; Margaret Bailey; Jerry Hamann; David Whitman; Rachelle Reisberg; and Leslie Pendleton

3.) Cooperative Education as the Catalyst for Effective and Efficient Assessment of ABET Student Learning Outcomes for an Engineering Program (Adobe PDF file)
Presenter: Chris Plouff

4.) On the Development of a Student Integrated Intern Research Experience as a Pathway to Graduate Studies (Adobe PDF file)
Presenters: Manuel D. Rossetti, PhD., PE; Kim LaScola Needy, PhD., PE; Micah Hale, PhD; Carol Gattis, PhD; and Ed Clausen, PhD

5.) The Impact of Self-efficacy, Through Experiential Education, on the Retention of Engineering Students (Adobe PDF file)
Presenters: Hameed Metghalchi; Richard Harris; Emanuel Mason; and Claire Duggan


CEED Promotional Brochure: Adobe PDF

The American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) is a nonprofit organization of individuals, institutions, and companies dedicated to improving all aspects of engineering education.

The Cooperative and Experiential Education Division (CEED) is an ASEE division for professionals in academia, business, industry and government who are specifically interested in and dedicated to the improvement and promotion of experiential learning through cooperative education and other quality work integrated learning programs.

Cooperative Education: An educational program that prepares the students for professional careers by combining academic training with practical work experience in industry, business, and government services. Co-op students typically alternate periods of full-time work with periods of full-time, on-campus study.