2003 CEED Research

Newcomer Socialization in Co-op Work Assignments

Principal Researcher: Charles K. Parsons, PhD
Affiliation: Georgia Institute of Technology
Researcher: Harold B. Simmons, MBA, MA
Affiliation: Georgia Institute of Technology
email: harold.simmons@gatech.edu

Research Abstract: The goals of a cooperative education include helping students confirm their choice of major, getting professional work experience, improving their understanding of classroom theory, and appreciating work place culture and competencies. We hypothesize that achievement of these goals depends on both characteristics of the organization and the individual. In the proposed study, we concentrate on how the achievement of these goals is affected by 1) individual differences and self-management strategies of new co-op employees, 2) the socialization tactics of the employing organization, and 3) the social relationships they develop. We plan to collect data from multiple sources for each research participant in a 4-stage study with our target sample size being 150 co-op students. Surveys and other methods have been pilot tested and all procedures approved by the Institute's Human Subjects Review Board. 

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