CEED Lou Takacs Award Guidelines

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CEED may present this award each year to co-op employers who have made significant, honorable, and meritorious contributions to the promotion of the philosophy and practice of cooperative education in engineering and technology.  Officially begun in 2003, this award honors Lou Takacs, a long time employer of co-op students with E. I. DuPont, and after his retirement there, held a brief career at the University of Kentucky as a co-op advisor until his death in 2003.


The award consists of an engraved desk plaque with the CEED/ASEE logo, presented at the CEED Awards Banquet at the annual CIEC, with complimentary registration to the conference.


Nominees for the award should have made significant contributions to the field while performing their professional duties for their employer.  Attendance at the Awards Banquet to receive the award in person is requested.


Nominators must be active members of CEED/ASEE or have been members during their professional lives.  No member may nominate himself/herself, a family member, or a superior or a subordinate in his/her own organization.  No member of the Awards Committee can nominate a candidate. The nomination form must be completed and submitted to the Chairman of the CEED/ASEE Awards Committee by the announced deadline. The description of the contributions made by the nominee must be limited to one additional page.  However, supporting letters from other individuals may be submitted as well.

If an individual is nominated and does not receive an award, she/he may be nominated again the following year merely by sending a letter to the CEED/ASEE Awards Committee Chair before the announced deadline, referring to the completed application of the previous year.

Nominations shall be considered solely on the basis of information submitted by the nominator.


The CEED/ASEE Awards Committee will review all nominations and select the recipient(s) of this award.  If the committee judges that none of the nominees are deserving of the award, the committee reserves the right to make no selection.  Nominations with committee recommendations will be submitted to the Executive Board of CEED/ASEE, which shall approve the awards.

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