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Cooperative Education and the Architecture Student

Prinicipal Researcher: Dr. Vasso Apostolides
Affiliation: University of Cincinnati
Title: Associate Professor of Architecture


Professor Apostolides' research project developed instructional methods to facilitate the planning and monitoring of co-op work assignments through quality control. The research statistically examined qualitative/quantitative evaluations of co-op work assignments to identify aspects that most contributed to effective integration of classroom learning with cooperative work experience. This project is a pilot process for developing co-op work outlines for architecture students, and can serve as a model for other disciplines.

Process of Cooperative Education Learning

Prinicipal Researcher: Dr. Patricia L. Linn
Affiliation: Antioch College
Title: Associate Professor of Psychology


While many educational institutions are including cooperative education of other work-based learning programs into their curricula, little is known about the processes by which co-op experiences have their positive effects. This study will use archived documents, a questionnaire, and an in-depth interview of 45 graduates of Antioch College from 1946-1975 to investigate the processes of co-op learning. Theoretical frameworks to be used to analyze the qualitative data include self-efficacy, intellectual development, and ethical/moral development theories.

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