2005 Clement J. Freund Award Recipient: Mike Mathews

Mike Mathews is Assistant Professor/Associate Director of Cooperative Education at Mississippi State University. He holds two degrees from MSU, a BS in Accounting, and a MBA. He has been part of the Co-op Program there since 1975, and prior to that served as a Lieutenant in the US Air Force.

Mike has been active on many levels in cooperative education, and has served ASEE/CEED as a member of the Executive Board and as Chairman. He was also the ASEE/CIEC General Conference Chair in 1997, and has been the Editor or Co-Editor of the Directory of Engineering and Engineering Technology Cooperative Programs for many years.

Mike is currently a member of the Accreditation Council for Cooperative Education (served as VP for Training), ASEE/CEED, Cooperative Education and Internship Association (CEIA), World Association for Cooperative Education (WACE), and the Mississippi Association of Colleges and Employers. CEED presented Mike the Alvah K. Borman Award in 1997 for his work in co-op.

Described by one colleague as “..the guy behind the scenes who makes things happen,” Mike Mathews is deserving of this highest recognition presented by ASEE for his outstanding and meritorious contributions to the field of cooperative education.

For his contributions to cooperative education, CEED is proud to honor Mike Mathews with the 2005 Clement J. Freund Award.